Upcoming Filson Programming

Are you looking for things to do during the summer? Come down to The Filson Historical Society and join us for our tours and programs.

For those of you interested in tours, we have docents from the Speed Art Museum at The Filson. Your guide will lead you through the Ferguson Mansion while giving you the history and story behind some of our portraits on display as well as The Filson itself. Reservations are not needed and tours run every Wednesday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm and are free of charge.

We also have many programs coming up throughout the summer for those interested in the history of Kentucky. A majority of these programs take place at either noon or 6:00 pm, are free to members of The Filson Historical Society, and only cost $5 for non-members. These programs range from topics such as the Civil War to World War II.

If you are interested in a more thorough insight into topics we also have several larger programs during the summer. One of these is our conference titled “The Roots of Feuding: How Economics, Culture, Political Power, and Media Created an Atmosphere of Feuding in Appalachia” taking place Thursday and Friday May 16-17. We will have our “Feuding in the Cinema” starting at 1:00 pm and our Keynote Lecture by Dr. Altina Waller at 6:30 pm. On Friday we will have our Day of Lectures featuring Herb Smith, Dr. Bob Hutton, Dr. John Hennen, and Dr. Anthony Harkins.

These are just some of the many things going on at The Filson Historical Society during the upcoming months. For more information on these and to see what else we have planned, go to our website filsonhistorical.org or call us at 502-935-5083.


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