Samuel Plato, undated (999PC35.681)Representing more than fifty unique architectural firms, architects, landscape architects, and/or projects, The Filson’s architectural holdings illustrate Ohio River Valley’s built environment from the mid-19th century through present day. Project types vary from residential to commercial, industrial design and landscape, as well as educational, cemetery and park design, railroad, and religious—to name only a few.

The architectural collections can be searched through various portals both online and in-house. See below for a listing of collections; each entry is linked to a finding aid or catalog record that provides more details about the collection.

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 Medina, NY Post Office, completed building, ca. 1932. Samuel Plato Photograph collection (999PC35.85)
Standing LtoR: Louise Leland, Anne Bruce Haldeman, and Captain Captain Seward Prosser at Woods Hole, ca. 1920s. (unprocessed)
Front elevation of Louise Leland’s Cambridge thesis project titled: "A House on a Downhill Lot”, 1933. (unprocessed)
Night Club Wintergarden, Istanbul, Turkey, A. Cakir (likely unbuilt), Stratton O. Hammon Photograph collection (998PC46.19)