New in the Library

Although we have been quite busy moving parts of the library to make way for renovations, new items continue to arrive for the collection.  Here is a list of some books that have been given to us over the last few months.

  1. Frederick Law Olmstead: Plans and views of public parks, by Charles E. Beverage.
  2. First Virginia Avenue Missionary Baptist Church celebrates the 30th Pastoral anniversary of Rev. Charles H. Duncan, Sr., a gift from Ann Peoples who is a member of the church.
  3. The pictorial history of Fort Wayne Indiana, by B. J. Griswold, was a gift from brothers Carl and Mark Vorhies, who also sent some of our early publications that are out of print.
  4. Unconventional warrior: Memoir of a Special Operations Commander in Afganistan, by Colonel Walter Morris Herd, was a gift from the author.
  5. The houses of Richard B. Isenhour; Mid-century modern in Kentucky, written by his son Raymond L. Isenhour, was a gift from Leo Klarer.
  6. Rifles, rations, rickshaws; the WWII service of Sgt. Morris E. Futrell, USMC 1943-1945. Personal reflections of an American patriot. Asiatic Pacific Campaign: Bougainville – Guam – Okinaawa – Tsingtao, China. This memoir was written by Morris E. Futrell in 2015, a 94 year old Kentucky gentleman who served in the Marine Corps during WWII.
  7. The eleventh hour: How Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the U.S. brokered the unlikely deal that won the war, by L. Douglas Keeney, an award winning author who also cofounded The Military Channel on cable, and lives here in Louisville, Ky.
  8. A life in the 20th century: Memoirs of a Naval Officer, architectural-civil engineer, artist, a gift from the author Collen Dale Bratcher whose family was from west-central Kentucky.
  9. Irrepressible: the Jazz age life of Henrietta Bingham, written by her great niece Emily Bingham. Henrietta was the daughter of Robert Worth Bingham, who was a well known Louisville politician, judge, newspaper publisher, anda United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom.
new in library august 2015

A sampling of new acquisitions from this summer.

These books along with many others are available for use in the Filson Library.

Kathryn Bratcher

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