History Mystery

The first mystery item - our portrait of James Wilkinson by John Wesley Jarvis - was easy. That was a warm up. Now they get tougher.

The item pictured here was commonly found in households well into the 20th century - and some are most likely still used today. This item is 11.5" long and 5" wide (tappering to 1.5"). It rises at approximately a 30 degree angle from tail to head to a height of 3". What is it?

The first correct answer submitted will win a copy of Raymond Meyers' The Zollie Tree. The answer will be posted at the end of the month.


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6 comments on “History Mystery

  1. Mary R. Davy

    I’d say it looks like a boot jack.

  2. stuart jones


  3. David trout

    A bed bug perhaps? I’m guessing they put it on (or in) the stove to get warm and then put it in their beds prior to going to bed in the winter.

  4. admin

    It is in fact a boot jack. Congratulations to both Mary R. Davy and Stuart Jones. Since Mary won our last Mystery Item contest, Stuart will receive the copy of The Zollie Tree. If you will send your mailing address to blog@filsonhistorical.org, we will send you your prize.
    And, please check back in the near future for a post giving more information about boot jacks.

  5. Tammy Scrogham

    I think this is a door knocker.

  6. Linda Evans

    It is a boot puller


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