History Sustainers

The most convenient way to support the Filson is by becoming a History Sustainer. History Sustainers are a unique group of supporters who make automatic, monthly donations to the Filson's Annual Fund.

Why should you become a History Sustainer?

  • You provide ongoing support to help collect, preserve, and share the remarkable history of Kentucky and the Ohio Valley.
  • Your monthly donations enable you to make a larger impact than you initially thought possible.
  • Your monthly donation is automatic, safe, and effective.
  • It is environmentally friendly!
  • You will receive special recognition on our website.
  • Signing up is easy!

How does the History Sustainers program work?

You decide on a monthly gift amount ($10 minimum).  You then authorize your credit card company to send your donation to the Filson each month by clicking the red button above or follow this link:  Become a History Sustainer today!

What if I want to change or cancel my monthly gift plan?

You are in complete control of your monthly gift plan.  If you decide to cancel or change the amount you give, you can do so at anytime.  Simply call Kate Wanke, Membership and Development Coordinator, at (502) 635-5083 ext. 236 or send an email to kate@filsonhistorical.org and let us know your wishes.

The Filson Thanks Our History Sustainers

Melissa T. Barrett

Maurice Meisner

Joseph M. Shirrell

James Turner