Cartoonist Wallace Mathis was born in 1904 in Collierville, Tennessee. During his college years, he drew cartoons for Vanderbilt University’s humor magazine and yearbook. Although he pursued a career as a teacher at Louisville’s Rugby University School, his interest in drawing persisted. In 1933, he began publishing daily cartoons in Louisville’s Courier-Journal newspaper. The decade following the Stock Market Crash of 1929 was a time of economic stagnation and social turmoil. Mathis’s cartoons were created during this period and capture the spirit of Americans during the Great Depression. His single-panel cartoons depicted a character named “Rollin’ Stone,” described as a “philosophical tramp who commented on small-town happenings.” Rollin’ Stone was a down-to-earth character who was down on his luck, not unlike many Americans of the time. Rollin’ Stone was a regular feature in the Courier-Journal until 1941. The Filson has over 1,000 of the original pen and ink cartoons.