Funeral Home Records…more than just a document of death.

In honor of the month of October, with Halloween approaching I feel it is appropriate to share some information about the Filson Library’s funeral home holdings. Our library has funeral home records for the following 4 funeral homes.

  • Maas Funeral Home from the 1890's-1920's.  They are filed by a certificate number and the index is in the File Room where the staff will be happy to get it out for you.  The actual records are kept in our closed stacks. Therefore you will need to find the certificate number in the index so that a staff member can go get the record.
  • McDaniel Funeral Home from the early 1900's-1980's.  These are filed alphabetically by surname and are kept in our File Room.
  • Pearson Funeral Home from 1890-1920.  These are filed by date of death and are kept in our File Room.
  • Schildt Funeral Home from the 1890's-1920's.  These records are filed alphabetically by surname and are kept in our File Room.

The Maas Funeral Home records provide the most comprehensive information of all of our records. For example, the record shown below gives place of birth, place of death, parents names and their places of birth, cause of death, and cemetery (including lot number and section number) where the deceased is buried.

Maas Funeral Home record

Funeral home records typically tell a researcher where a person is buried and the cause of death, and in some instances, the place of birth.  Genealogists often use cemetery and funeral home records to verify a person's birth and death dates.  We have bits and pieces from several other cemeteries in various sources, however unfortunately we have nowhere near all of Jefferson County’s cemetery records.

To find cemetery records in other counties in Kentucky, one must look in the Kentucky County History Room.  Many of the counties have abstracted some of their cemetery records and they are filed with the county records.

Maas Funeral Home record

Filson Historical

13 comments on “Funeral Home Records…more than just a document of death.

  1. Senator Charles Pittman

    Dear F.H.S.,
    My wife, Katherine Hannan Pittman, and I are requesting a copy my wife’s Great-Grandfather, John Patrick Hannan’s funeral records.

    He died June 24, 1845, Louisville, 516 W. Catherine St., Louisville, Kentucky and his funeral was conducted by Schildt & Long Funeral Directors. He is buried at Louisville’s St. Louis Cemetery.

    I will be more than happy to pay for your kind assistance.

    Please advise and
    Thank you,
    Charles Pittman
    Office of the Governor
    State of Mississippi
    P.O. Box 139
    Jackson, MS 39205
    Tel: 601-359-3150

  2. Kara Gossom

    Mr. Pittman,

    I will be glad to look into this for you. I will be sending you a personal email with pertinent information regarding the fee and procedure.


  3. Todd Haley

    Do you have any records about which local funeral home was the first in Louisville, KY?I am looking for a resource to cite in an article I am writing to submit to Wikipedia. I only recently started dong the research. If you have such information I would use Filson Historical as a reference to give credibility to the article. I have found some mention that the Ratterman Family were the first to open a funeral home. Feel free to email me if you can. Thank you.

    1. Jennie Cole

      Hi Todd,
      I can’t find any specific reference to the first funeral home in Louisville in the Encyclopedia of Louisville, which is my go-to resource for questions like this. There is an article on Pearson’s Funeral Home in the Encyclopedia; this article suggests that Pearson’s opened pre-1848, so I assume it was earlier that Ratterman, which lists its starting date to 1864. I am sorry not to have a more specific answer for you!
      Jennie Cole

      1. Todd Haley

        Thank you for your time.

  4. Patera Cook

    I am looking into a residence that is rumored to have been a funeral home at one time. 609 Camp Street. My dad says his parents bought the home from an old preacher and his wife and that their son committed suicide in the home.

    1. Jennie Cole

      Hi Patera, Can you tell me when your dad’s parents bought the home? That will help narrow down the search! I think Louisville City Directories are the best way to determine if this was a funeral home.

  5. Lynda Brown

    Hi, I’m looking for a funeral home record on William Henry Jesse, probably listed as W H Jesse at Schlidt and Son funeral home. Drowned August 13, 1903 in Ohio River. Can you help me?

    1. Jennie Cole

      Hi Lynda, I’m going to send your request in through the research account, and assign it to a staff member. You should hear from us shortly! Jennie

  6. Reese G

    I am trying to determine if the old Filson Home at 1310 S. Third Street in Louisville was, at any time, used as a funeral home and, if so, what was the name? Thanks for any help you can offer.


    1. Jamie Evans

      Hi Reese, The Ferguson Mansion did house Pearson’s Funeral Home for a good portion of the 20th century. Please reach out to us at if you have any additional questions!

  7. Deana Watson

    Hi there. I’d like to request the funeral home record for Jesse Vaughn Merrifield Sr, b 15 Oct 1884, d 26 Aug 1954 for genealogy research. The funeral was at Mcdaniel FH. Please advise me on the procedure and cost required. Thanks in Advance!

    1. Jamie Evans

      Hi Deana, Thanks for reaching out! Please send your request to and a member of our collections staff will contact you.


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