Ferguson Mansion Third Floor Move

This past week, The Filson's Development, Programming, and Special Collections Departments all moved out of the Ferguson Mansion's third floor to allow for renovation work to begin.

Development Office Move  Jennie/Pritch desk move  Movers

Development and Special Collections staff offices have moved to the Ferguson Mansion's basement, while members of the Programming Department are temporarily back in their original location on the first floor while renovations continue on their future offices in the Carriage House.

Special Collections reference services are in their new location, on the second floor!  Library services continue on the first floor in the former parlor and dining room, but will eventually move to the second floor as well.

Special Collections Reading Room  Special Collections Extended Reading Room

We appreciate everyone's patience and flexibility while we continue to serve you during our expansion phase!


Jennie Cole

Jennie Cole is the Manager of Collection Access at The Filson. She has a MLIS with a specialization in Archives from the University of Pittsburgh and an MA in History from the University of Louisville. Jennie's research interests in the Filson's collections include women's history, Camp Zachary Taylor, and Speed family of Louisville.

2 comments on “Ferguson Mansion Third Floor Move

  1. Glenn Alan Balius

    Dear Ms. Cole,
    I’m an architect in Houston, Texas, as well as a member of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Historical Society.
    I will be in Louisville Monday, May 16, and Tuesday morning, May 17, looking for information on the two Union Station buildings, still extant in Louisville and Nashville. This is for a presentation on the two buildings that I’m planning to deliver at the L&NRRHS annual convention in Shepherdsville in late September. I’ve contacted the University of Louisville Library archivists, and will be looking for data there. However, I see from your website that you also have information (including drawings) related to Louisville Union Station. I’d like to know if I may visit The Filson next Monday and/or Tuesday and do research on these two great buildings.

    Thank you very much for your time and kind consideration! My cell phone number is 713-962-6787,

    1. Jennie Cole

      Hi Glenn,
      We will be very happy to have you! I’ll email you directly with more information. Thanks for contacting the Filson! Jennie


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