Filson Historical Society Cultural Pass 2020

Cultural Pass 2020

Header for the 2020 Virtual Cultural Pass
Online Puzzles: Can you “Preserve” our Artifacts? 

Some of the Filson’s historical images have become all mixed up – can you help us put them back together? Click here to solve online jigsaw puzzles of Filson Collection items!

Name of Activity: Puzzles Ages Appropriate: 7 yrs and up Arts & Culture Disciplines: Visual Art, History Description of Program: Interactive puzzles made from images from The Filson’s collections

Design your own Crazy Quilt Square!

This crazy quilt is a type of family tree – each block represents a specific family member in

the Webb-Barbour family, with a name and symbols about that person hand-stitched on it.

The blocks were made by Leviann Gist Webb and assembled into a quilt top by her daughter, Sally Barbour, in New Castle, Kentucky, around 1890.

How would you represent yourself or your family member in a crazy quilt block? Download our activity sheet to design and color your own block!

You may want to draw a picture or initials in each space, and then draw “stitches” along the lines.

Name of Activity: Crazy Quilt Ages Appropriate: 7 yrs and up Arts & Culture Disciplines: Visual Art, History, Crafts Description of Program: Get inspiration to create a quilt square

Learn to Crochet at home!

The Filson’s Special Projects Coordinator, Sarah Laufer Bruns, has created a tutorial for crocheting at home. Using everyday items and your fingers as the hook, you’ll be able to create a snuffle mat for a pet, a bathmat, or a playmat. Download the tutorial here.

Name of Activity: Learn to Crochet Ages Appropriate: 7 yrs and up Arts & Culture Disciplines: Visual Art, Crafts, History Description of Program: Learn about the history of crochet and how to do it

Create your own Paper Dolls!

Paper dolls are figures cut out of paper or thin card, with separate

clothes, also made of paper, that are usually held onto the dolls by paper folding tabs.[1] They may be a figure of a person, animal or inanimate object.[2] Paper dolls have been inexpensive children’s toys for almost two hundred year

s. Today, many artists are turning paper dolls into an art form.-wikipedia

Steps to making Paper dolls

  1. Click here to choose your paper doll
  2. Print out the different images
  3. Color the article of clothing and the people as you wish
  4. Cut out the people. Cut them out staying on the outline as best as possible
  5. Cut out the clothing. When you cut out the clothing, leave a little paper tab that can be folded over to keep the clothes on the doll

Here’s a helpful article about making paper dolls:

Name of Activity: Paper Dolls Ages Appropriate: 5 yrs and up Arts & Culture Disciplines: History, Crafts, Fashion Design Description of Program: Make your own paper dolls

Venue Rental

Spaces Available for Rent Beginning 2022

The Filson Historical Society is a unique venue that blends the historic with the modern and provides a stunning background for any event. Several areas of the campus are available to be rented for dinners, retreats, meetings, receptions, parties, or weddings. The venues have access to 74 free parking spaces and wifi, as well as small catering areas. All of the Filson’s facilities have accessible parking.

View a virtual tour of our spaces!

Visit the Filson

1310 S. 3rd St., Louisville, KY 40208
(502) 635-5083

The Filson is temporarily closed to the public to protect our staff, volunteers, and patrons during the coronavirus pandemic. All events are currently being held virtually; to register for our live virtual events, please visit our Events Page; for information on recorded lectures and other activities, please visit us online at Bringing History Home.

We continue to provide remote research services; please email gro.l1615139067aciro1615139067tsihn1615139067oslif1615139067@hcra1615139067eser1615139067.


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