Chihuahuas, Corlis [Respess], and Crullers: A Blog (sort of) about Doughnuts

It's Friday, which means a few things here at The Filson--at least for me.


The infamous Chihuahua shirt.

First, it means "Chihuahua Shirt Friday". If you've read my bio (see below) you'll know that I am quite fond of my black, apple-headed Chihuahua, Cricket. So it only seems natural that when I see a t-shirt featuring Cricket look-a-likes, I buy two.

Friday also means it's time for another "Recipe from the Archives" post.

This month we're featuring a recipe from the Corlis-Respess Family Papers, 1698-1984 (bulk: 1787-1840) [Mss A C799].

Crullers (see main image for recipe) aren't the only recipe found within the family's collection.


The cover of this recipe book caught my eye and I couldn't help but scan the cover and include it, too; I love the blend of practicality and whimsy that it and the recipes within exude. (Mss A C799/174)

Written in a small (~4"x6"), bound recipe book with a cover that features a wonderful floral design, readers will also see recipes for "good cheese", mincemeat, and gingerbread.

Finally, I couldn't hardly post a recipe about doughnuts and not bring in a dozen to share with my co-workers and a lucky researcher or two (don't worry, no doughnuts were consumed in the reading room!)

I was tempted to try my hand at making the crullers listed above but when laziness set in and I heard there was a new doughnut shop in my neighborhood. Well, you see how things turned out...


Don't mind if we do! Filson archivists enjoy a Friday morning treat c/o the Clifton Donut Shop. (LtoR: Jennie Cole, Jana Meyer, and Heather Stone).

Stay tuned: Next month, in preparation for the 141st Kentucky Derby, I'll be posting a classic Mint Julep recipe.

Johna Ebling

Johna Ebling is an Associate Curator of Collections and Exhibits Manager. She studied Journalism and English at Ball State University and earned her master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When she isn’t orchestrating an exhibit or engaging in public outreach, Johna is working with the Filson’s architectural holdings. When away from The Filson, Johna enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her Chihuahua, husband and friends.

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