Baby Love

In honor of two of the Filson's beloved employees and their new bundles of joy, we give our love and offer these baby images culled from the Filson collection.

Congratulations Jennie and Sasha!!!

Seven month old Alma Shirley Lenich, learns early about the 'lap' of luxury.  From the Burdorf Family Collection.



Claire (2 yrs. 9 months) and Flossie (13 months) taking their afternoon tea. Image from the Mengel - Allen Family photo collection

Matilte Blume, 18 months, from the Bauer-Fehr Family photo collection. This darling rascal had to be tied in her seat to get the photo!

Sidesaddle, of course! -Unidentified baby on dog in the Burdorf Family Collection

We start them early in bourbon country...- Unidentified boy in the George Perkins Collection



















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  2. Jennie

    Jack takes tea just like that. Thank you!!


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