Women’s History Month – Photos of Past Filson Staff Members

I love photography, specifically film photography. There is a certain depth to film that you just can't get with a digital photo. Perhaps it's that with digital photos, you can take thousands of images and choose the perfect one, discarding the rest, but with film, you have to be intentional. I love the feel of photo paper, the anticipation as you develop your film and find out if your vision came out as you thought it would.

As I was thinking about what to post today, Jennie pointed me in the direction of our Filson Club staff photos. I hadn't seen this particular set of images before, but I'm so glad she showed me. I was struck by these everyday moments frozen in time. Sometimes I forget how special it is to work in a historical archive, and seeing images like this remind me of that. For Women's History Month, I decided to highlight three of my favorites.


Ludie Kinkead in Filson Club Garden, June 1948.


Dorothy Cullen (seated) and Phyllis Covatta (standing), c.1950s, Filson Club.


Mabel Weaks, c.1950s, Filson Club stacks.


Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans is the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator at The Filson Historical Society. When she isn't working on publications for The Filson, you can find her behind her sewing machine or out on the roads training for her next big race.

2 comments on “Women’s History Month – Photos of Past Filson Staff Members

  1. Kevin Engle

    Just today, 6/3/2015 I viewed a photo of a group of about a dozen very determined looking women who exuded a suffragette energy about them. The clothing appears to be 1910-1920. The photo was rather large, abt. 14×20 and is hung in the office of my friend’s attorney. I was so enthralled with the photo, I inquired about it and was told it had been purchased in an antique shop in Louisville. However, that was the extent of the info that was known about it. Being a historian, writer and researcher, I had to dig a bit and to my delight, found your institution. I have a feeling this photo has something to do with Mary Clay and would like to delve into this a bit more, I will ask the owner if she will allow a digital copy to send to you. Do you have any photos that I might refer to in order to possibly identify Mrs. Clay and/or her daughter and other associates? I note no collection of photos on your website.
    Regards, Kevin Engle – Digitization Chairman, Lake County Historical Society, Ca.

    1. Jamie Evans

      Hi Kevin! I’m glad you enjoyed the blog post. I consulted with members of our Special Collections Department and we may have one image of Mary Clay in a book. You are welcome to come in and check out PastPerfect or we could look at the digital image. Another resource would be the University of Louisville’s photo archives. Let us know if you want to look further!


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