Having recently concluded a tour of some of the pioneer stations in Jefferson County, a "then and now" comparison between an early 20th century photo and one taken recently seemed appropriate. Floyd's Station on the Middle Fork of Beargrass Creek, in present St. Matthews, was established by John Floyd in November of 1779. It is generally acknowledged to be the first station established along the creek and first settlement established in present Jefferson County after the founding of Louisville in May 1778 by George Rogers Clark.  Other stations and farms would soon be scattered along the three forks of Beargrass, Pond Creek, and across the county. Letters written by Floyd from the station record that a number of cabins and a fort were constructed. Not specifically mentioned, but a fixture of all stations and farms, was the springhouse. Like the fate of so many of these early structures, only the springhouse remains today. It dates from the period of the station.

The Floyd's Station springhouse in 1922 before falling victim to vandals. Photo by R. C. Ballard Thruston.

Time and vandals haven't been kind to it, but part of it has endured. Today, it quietly sits in the back of the Jamestown of St. Matthews apartment complex, a reminder of the pioneers of more than 200 years ago as they struggled to carve new homes out of a wilderness and wrest control of the land from the Native Americans.

Purchased by the City of St. Matthews, the springhouse had a new roof put on its remaining one level and a fence placed around it. Photos by Jim Holmberg.

Partially destroyed by vandals, the springhouse is now one level.

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