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The Filson’s museum collection represents the rich and varied history of Kentucky. Artifacts range from the pioneer, antebellum, Civil War, and postbellum periods of Kentucky’s history, including such highlights as a mid-nineteenth-century firefighting hand-pumper, “Kentucky Giant” Jim Porter’s seven-foot-nine-inch smoothbore musket, a genuine Kentucky “moonshine” still, Daniel Boone’s legendary “Kill a Bar” tree carving, handmade quilts, and Civil War uniforms, weapons, and accouterments. The Filson’s art collection, which is displayed throughout the Ferguson mansion, contains one of the most extensive collections of antebellum portraiture in Kentucky.

As with our other departments, we are regularly adding to our museum holdings. A particular emphasis is our art collection of Kentucky related portraiture, landscapes, and still lifes. Items from its collections are frequently loaned to museums throughout the country for temporary exhibition.

If you have a question about our museum’s holdings, please contact:

James Holmberg, Curator of Collections

We want to preserve your history!

If you have items that you would like to donate to The Filson, we want to hear from you. Please contact Collections Curator James J. Holmberg by email or at (502) 634-8846 for more information on how to donate to The Filson’s collections.

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