Resources not found in the Online Catalog: Family Files, Historical Files, and Newspaper clippings

Often when patrons visit the Filson Library there are a few resources outside of the catalog that I like to introduce to them. For those doing genealogical research, family files can be an excellent resource. Family files are a collection of vertical files that contain information relating to a particular surname. The information in each file typically relates to research pertinent to that name in the form of letters written to us and answered by our former genealogist. They also contain information any of our patrons/researchers have thought would be helpful to those researching that family name. They are not arranged in any order other than surname and are individually unique so researchers must look through them to see if any of the information relates to their certain family line. To view these files, patrons are welcome to visit the library and look at an alphabetical list that contains all the names that we have, and one of our staff members will be glad to pull any requested files.

Another important resource relating to more general research is our historical file collection. Historical files contain information on famous Louisville/Kentucky people, landmarks, and events ranging from Bloody Monday to Louisville Redbirds baseball. These files can also be obtained by looking through an alphabetical list in order to determine the files in which one may be interested.

Finally, newspaper clippings can also be helpful to researchers. These have an index similar to the historical files and contain information from local newspapers collected by library staff members over the years.

Once again, all of these resources are available to patrons who visit the Filson Library. Anyone from the library staff can easily direct you to their indexes and obtain any files or clippings requested.

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