Postcards – Summer Pastimes

The Filson recently produced a set of six postcards with the theme of "Summer Pastimes." These postcards celebrate the season with scenes of enjoyment of the outdoors and relaxation, all set in the Kentucky area, and all from The Filson's Special Collections. They are available for purchase for $5.oo, either at The Filson or online, at

1 - Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gunter at Tea

This first postcard showcases one of the many photographs in The Filson's Paul Gunter Collection. Here, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gunter take tea on a Sunday afternoon in 1921. The location is Transit Avenue in Louisville.

The second postcard in the series, also from the Paul Gunter Collection, depicts four children enjoying a horseride. This photograph was taken on Mellwood Avenue in Louisville.

2 - Four Children Enjoying a Ride

Another prominent photographer featured in The Filson's Special Collections is Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston. The third photograph featured has the fanciful title "The International Graces Before Hyden Frontier Nursing Hospital" written at the bottom. It was taken in Leslie County, KY, in 1928.

3 - The International Graces

The fourth postcard in The Filson's new series depicts a group at Elys "Parlor" near Flat Lick in Knox County, KY. It is also from the Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston Collection.

4 - Group at Elys "Parlor"

5 - Girl Enjoying Water at Sulphur Well

A young girl beams out her enjoyment of the water in this fifth scene, captured once again by Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston. This photograph was taken in 1932 in Metcalfe County, KY.

The final postcard of this series depicts a summertime gathering at Cabell's Dale, near Lexington, KY. This photograph is from the Issa Desha Breckinridge Collection.

6 - Gathering at Cabell's Dale

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