Mr. Skygak, From Mars.

Mr. Skygak's observes a somber scene.

It is always interesting to note what people collected in their scrapbooks. While cataloging the Charles Brandenburg Scrapbook, I found it interesting that he collected a series of one panel comics from newspapers between 1907 and 1909. This comic was titled “Mr. Skygak, From Mars”, done by A. D. Condo. This strip is often referred to as the first “Science Fiction” comic strip in the newspapers. In fact, Mr. Skygak, From Mars was published two decades before the next big science fiction comic, “Buck Rogers”, was to appear in the newspapers.

Don't shoot! Mr. Skygak's observations of an early photographic setting are seen here as posted in Brandenburg's scrapbook.

The premise of this comic is that Mr. Skygak is a reporter from Mars and makes observations about everyday events on Earth, where he has no understanding of human culture. The reader of the comic observes what Mr. Skygak writes in his notebook as he describes events such as a wedding or a ladies tea party.

Skygak observes a "tea" party.

Mike Veach

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