Looking for Information on Old Louisville Homes?

The Ferguson Mansion, which will be the first Old Louisville Home file.

Recently, my husband and I have decided to purchase our first home. Being first-timers, there were a lot of things to consider besides price: which neighborhood(s)? How far do we want to drive? Do we want to live in the city or the suburbs? Finding information beyond what our realtor could provide us with was difficult and most likely included a fee or required us to peruse the neighborhood on our own. We wanted to know about renovation histories, neighborhood dynamics, and proximity for running and bike commuting to our jobs. I couldn’t find a single website that had this information in one place.

Fortunately, The Filson is trying to change that. Starting with Old Louisville businesses and residences, we are asking for any historical information so that a file can be created for the building. Information such as photos, former owners, and renovation details could be placed in your home’s file, ensuring that the legacy of your home and our neighborhood lives on. These files would be categorized by street name and then by address. The Filson will be creating a file on the Ferguson Mansion, and we hope that our friends and neighbors in Old Louisville will work with us to create this valuable historical reference.

While our home search led us away from the downtown area, I hope that future residents of Old Louisville will be able to easily find the information that we couldn’t.

Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans is the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator at The Filson Historical Society. When she isn't working on publications for The Filson, you can find her behind her sewing machine or out on the roads training for her next big race.

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