The early 20th century found the east end of Louisville, Kentucky to be flourishing with new housing developments. Neighborhoods such as Crescent Hill and the Highlands were representative of the architectural styles of the era. Architect Arthur Raymond Smith was a prominent designer of many of the homes in these neighborhoods. Smith was born in New Albany, Indiana on July 4, 1869 to Fidelia (Palmer) and George M. Smith. Smith began his architectural career under the supervision of Louisville architect Mason Maury, later of Maury & Dodd, from 1885 to 1893. He briefly worked in St. Louis at T.C. Link, and then back to Louisville with D.X. Murphy and Dodd & Cobb before he opened his own office in 1895. Smith is best known for his residential designs, particularly those in the Prairie and Craftsman styles. Many examples of his work still stand today and can be found throughout the Crescent Hill and Highlands neighborhoods with particularly high concentrations on Eastover Court, Windsor Place, and Spring Drive. In 1947 Smith relinquished his architectural license and subsequently stopped practicing. He died on July 20, 1955 in Louisville. This gallery presents selected photographs from The Filson’s Arthur Raymond Smith Photograph Collection [997PC34] featuring Smith’s newly constructed homes in Louisville’s east end.

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