Fun with Flags: A Pictorial Celebration of Flag Day

If you are a fan of the show The Big Bang Theory, then you definitely know about Sheldon’s YouTube/podcast show, “Sheldon Cooper presents: Fun with Flags,” which was created by characters Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler to teach vexillology, the study of flags and related emblems. While I myself am not a scholar of flags, I do appreciate a good looking flag and display them outside my house from Memorial Day through Veterans Day.

In honor of Flag Day, I’ve mined PastPerfect for images of flags in our collection. My favorite image of the trio is the display of R. C. Ballard Thruston’s collection of flags that was displayed in the NE room of The Filson Club in 1929.


The Filson Club, second floor N. E. Room -- The Thruston Collection of flags -- replicas representing origin and evolution of Flag of the United States and Colonial Flags, 1929. From The Filson Historical Society’s Collection. [FCM-1]


Flag of 9th Ky. Cavalry. Original in office of R. C. Ballard Thruston, 1921. From The Filson Historical Society’s Collection. [FLA-2]


15 Star American Flag on display at the Filson Club, May, 1966. Leo Wolford is man at left. From The Filson Historical Society’s Collection. [FLG-5]

While I can't feature every flag in our collection, as the number is too numerous for a blog post, I hope you found this interesting! The Filson has many flags and flag images in our collection and we are a great starting place for research into the history and meaning behind the flags in our past and present. For more information on our flags and other related collections items, I encourage you to check out our online catalog, our virtual card catalog (a resource that we are continuously adding to), or our online image database.  You can also visit us in person at our headquarters in the Ferguson Mansion on 3rd Street in Louisville.

Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans is the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator at The Filson Historical Society. When she isn't working on publications for The Filson, you can find her behind her sewing machine or out on the roads training for her next big race.

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