Chew on This…a Bit More

I’m composing this quick post as a follow up to one of my early posts here on The Filson blog, dated 11 May 2011 – “Chew on This.”  In that post, I described some historic “prizes” contained within chewing gum packages, including illustrations of Confederate generals, which could be pasted into a collector’s book.

Little did I know, we hold the very thing here in our Photographic Album collection at The Filson.


Confederate Portrait Album from the American Chicle Co., Louisville, KY

Cover of the Confederate Portrait Album


While doing research on a sticky library catalogue record, I came across the following description: “An album of halftone illustrations of Confederate officers published by the American Chicle Co.”  Be still, my heart!  Could this be the collectors album I’d only read about?


Confederate Portrait Album - Inside Cover

The inside cover of the Confederate Portrait Album, featuring Jefferson Davis and famous Confederate Commanders

Indeed it was - or is, rather.  It is smaller than I had envisioned, and the image quality is not quite what my imagination had conjured, but still – here are the Bazooka Joe comics of the 1920s, a complete album.  Even P.G.T. Beauregard.*


Confederate Portrait Album standing

Confederate Portrait Album, for size

P. G. T. Beauregard in the Confederate Portrait Album

P. G. T. Beauregard in the Confederate Portrait Album

*You will note that his caption reads “G. T. Beauregard – he preferred to drop the “P”.

Jennie Cole

Jennie Cole is the Manager of Collection Access at The Filson. She has a MLIS with a specialization in Archives from the University of Pittsburgh and an MA in History from the University of Louisville. Jennie's research interests in the Filson's collections include women's history, Camp Zachary Taylor, and Speed family of Louisville.

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