Bourbon events at The Filson, past and present.

Do you love bourbon?

Are you interested in Kentucky's distilling history?

If you answered yes to the following questions, then don't miss Mike Veach's upcoming talk, "Political Intrigues and Scandals of the Distilling Industry," at the Filson Historical Society, Friday June 24, noon.

Knowledgeable on all things bourbon related, distilling historian Mike Veach is renown for his excellent bourbon events which are both educational and spirited.  Click on the video clip below to see footage from a December 2010 Filson bourbon tasting and book launch event.  Tom Fischer of interviews author and Four Roses Brand Ambassador Al Young about his new book Four Roses: The Return of a Whiskey Legend at The Filson Historical Society.  The Filson's own Mike Veach is also interviewed in this video segment. [Video segment is no longer available as of 2015.]

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